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We are focused on understanding you and what you need to move forward in your career. That’s why the first step in your job search with Tempo is getting in contact with one of our consultants.

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We are dedicated to finding the right talent that will strengthen and complete your company’s team.

Tempo's innovation-focused, relatable, and creative approach to the recruitment process, clients can benefit from attentive account management while candidates receive the personal guidance needed during a job search.

Tempo supports its clients and candidates through the following services:

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Temporary Manpower

As a temp agency, Tempo is mostly known for assisting companies with their temporary positions. The basic rule of hiring temp workers through Tempo, is that you can benefit from hard-working, motivated personnel at a lower cost and with minimal administrative hassle.

Due to our policy of doing personal or virtual interviews, our consultants are aware of each applicants’ skills and qualities which helps them propose candidates who are indeed the right fit for the job. Temporary contracts are customizable; therefore, we can completely adjust them to your demand for extra capacity. By placing the recruitment process in our hands, you save time, and it makes your organization more flexible.


In the case that you already found the perfect candidate for your position, Tempo can still provide administrative assistance through our Payrolling service. You can expand your talent base while Tempo takes on the responsibility of all payroll and administrative functions. Our goal is to realize the best possible bond between you and ‘your temp workers’, supported by the services of our agency.

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Recruitment & Selection

Tempo makes sure to learn about your company and its culture so we can find the best suitable candidates for you. By getting to know your company, we become well equipped to identify the kind of people you need on a long-term basis. Because in addition to temporary staff, clients can also use Tempo’s expertise for their permanent positions.

Is your company in the market for experienced or young professionals?
Then our Recruitment and Selection service is a perfect option for you. With the assistance of our Inhouse Recruitment Specialist, you can access our extensive database of professionals who are looking for long term job opportunities where they can apply their experience and academic knowledge. Our recruitment specialist also uses different recruitment channels to find suitable candidates for your position to support this effort. We invest time in this process is to ensure we find the right match for your company. The right person who will fit your corporate culture and thrive in your organization.

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If you are looking for quality service and true partnership, get in touch with Tempo!

We are committed to help you fill your positions efficiently, strengthen your business with qualified candidates and reduce your recruitment costs. Let’s shape the future of staffing!
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